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SoftFit Breastshield

New Style

New Style SoftFit Breastshield


Original SoftFit Breastshield

About Medela SoftFit breastshields...

Both versions of the Medela SoftFit can be used with most Medela breast pumps except the manual Harmony where only the NEW version is compatible due to the unique handle design.

The unique design of the SoftFit with its special softer inner part allows a smoother and more comfortable 'suckling motion' from your breast pump.

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PersonalFit Breastshield

PersonaFfit. Available with 21mm, 27mm, 30 and 36mm tunnel widths to suite most nipple sizes.


About PersonalFit Breastshields...

PersonalFit Breastshields are an exclusive option for Medela breast pump users. The breastshield(s) as supplied with a Medela Breast Pump has a 24mm internal tunnel width. This will not suite every user so Medela have developed a range of breastshields with alternative tunnel widths to provide a comfortable expressing experience for all. Options include: Small: 21mm Medium: 24mm Large: 27mm X Large: 30mm and XX Large 36mm - simple solutions for stress and pain free expressing; no more sore nipples!

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Easy Expression
About Easy Expression Bra...
The Easy Expression allows hand free expressing. No need to sit holding your milk collection equipment, easy expression is so easy to slip into and takes mere seconds to plug in. Now available in Bustier and Halterneck versions.