Philips Avent Duo IQ twin breast pump flagship twin pump expressing set
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Avent Breast Pumps
Legendary Quality ISIS breast pumps from Philips Avent
Avent ISIS, Out & About, Uno and the Flagship Duo Breast Pumps

See the brilliant little Avent Out & About set:

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Avent ISIS Manual Breast Pump
Avent ISIS manual breast pump

The ISIS manual hand operated breast pump has been universally acclaimed by women and health professionals for the revolutionary natural design, which makes it gentler and more effective than any other pump available.

One of the most popular manual breastfeeding pumps ever!

One of the worlds most popular manual breast pumps of all time!

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Avent Uno single Electronic Breast Pump
The Avent Uno

With both battery and mains options available, Mums will find this a very useful feature, especially for mums who require to express away from home from time to time. The battery life of the pump is good, at around 6 hours of expressing time. There's a little warning when you've got just enough power left for about one more session, but should you get caught out with a 'low battery' whilst expressing then you can finish off with manual pumping.

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Avent Duo Twin Electronic Breast Pump
Avent DUO Twin Breast Pump set

The flagship Philips / Avents DUO Twin Pump Set learns your prefered method of expressing with it's specially designed, clever electronics! Put the pump to your breast and press the handle gently with your fingertips to imitate your baby’s suckling rhythm. Then press the button on the handle and the Avent ISIS Duo Breast Pump continues your exact pumping rhythm. To change the rhythm at any time, press the button on the handle to return to manual control...

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Fabulous products from Avent!!

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