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Replacement Standard Breastshields and fresh-up kits for Mini Electric

East Expression Bra - The perfect partner for the Medela Mini-Electric Plus

Easy Expression top makes collecting breastmilk easy!

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Medela twin electric breast pumps

Medela Mini Electric Plus Double / Twin breast pump now available fro our link partners

The Medela Mini-Electric Plus Twin breast pump is perfect for expressing breastmilk when out and about or at home. Single or double pump can be selected and mains or battery operation can be used.

Breast feeding twins is a real commitment; When expressing part-time and breast feeding part-time the Mini Electric Plus is a great choice. If expressing full time you may wish to consider the Medela Pump In Style which is better for Mum's wishing to express more or less full time (perhaps 4+ expressing sessions a day).


  • Equipped with a double pump / twin milk collection sets and UK 240v AC mains adapter.
  • Double pumping considerably reduces the pumping time and promotes milk production.
  • Winner of the "Red Dot for Top Design Quality" in the "Design Innovation '99" contest.
  • high quality and great value - probably the best value double breast pump set available.
  • Upgrade / replacement breast shields and spares available - see Medela accessories page 3.
  • Fast and efficient expressing in half the time!
  • All milk collection components BPA free and safe for baby
  • Can be used in both single and double pumping modes.
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Posh Mum's says...

In our opinion, the Medela Mini Electric Plus twin electric breast pump must represent the best value available.

A top quality double breast pump kit with legendary Swiss reliability at a bargain price what more could we ask?

Since launch, PoshMums has not had a single return of a mini electric plus through failure! This just goes to illustrate the amount of research which has gone into developing a pump which serves it's purpose perfectly - just what Mum needs!




Medela Mini Electric plus, double breast pump ideal when breast feeding demanding twins!

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