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Medela milk storage bottle lid teat cover
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Medela contact nipple shields in small medium and large sizes

Use Medela Contact Nipple Shields when having difficulties with baby latching on or for sore nipples.

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100% original Medela accessories, spares and parts bottle lids

Medela Teat Cover / bottle Lids



Sorry, this item is no longer available

This teat cover will fit all Medela bottles, designed to accommodate a regular sized silicone feeding teat.

Use covers to keep feeding teats fresh and germ free whilst out and about or when storing in fridge, etc.

These covers can also be used as a teat cover for the SpecialNeeds Feeder. lid snaps onto the bottle but distorts teat slightly as the specialneeds teat is taller than the cover - fine to use whilst on a day out, etc, as teat is made from quality silicone and immediately bounces back into shape.

N.B: This is the only teat cover available from Medela in the UK and although it will work with the larger special needs feeder teats, this is not endorsed by Medela.


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Medela milk storage bottle teat cover

Medela Teat Cover

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