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Medela Washable lace covered breast bra pads in packs of 4
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Medela Milk Collection Shells

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Pevent soiling of your breastfeeding / maternity bra with Medela re-usable / washable lace bra pads.

Medela Washable Lace Bra / Breast Pads

(Pack of 4)

Medela Washable Bra PadsMedela Washable Lace Covered Bra / Breast Pads collect leaking milk and protect clothing. With an attractive lace cover, these washable bra pads are soft, absorbent and breathable. Contoured shape for comfortable wear. Suitable for every breast size.

  • Place the breast pad in the bra as a comfortable means of controlling slight leakage of breastmilk
  • Reusable, can be washed on up to 60 degree cycle
  • Specially contoured design for maximum comfort
  • Medela Lace Covered re-usable bra pads last for many washes and look feminine
  • Specially contoured shape moulds to the breast for comfortable wearing within your maternity / drop cup bra


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Medela Washable Bra Pads

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Medela Washable Bra Pads absorb milk leakage protecting clothing!

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