Genuine and Medela compatible standard silicone replacement bottle feeder teats.
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Genuine Medela Teats

Medela bottle teats

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Large capacity Medela Milk Storage Bottles

10oz / 250ml.

Large 250ml 10oz medela bottles

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Genuine and Replacement silicone teats for use with Medela bottles

Silicone Bottle Feeder Teats in Packs of 3

Regular silicone bottle feeding teats, compatible with Medela milk storage bottles.

Available in three flow options as follows:

Slow Flow (0-3 Months)

Medium Flow (3-6 Months +)

The above information is given as a guide only. Flow rate required may vary depending on your babies actual feeding rate / preferences. i.e: some '3 month' babies may be happier using a faster flowing 'Medium flow teat'.

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Pack of 3 teats - select form Slow Flow and Medium flow below  
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Slim neck silicone feeding bottle teats

PoshMums says...

We tested and found the above teats to work just fine with Medela feeding bottles.



Medela Accessories go hand in hand


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