Easy expression halterneck breast pump bra for expressing breast milk
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Hands Free Expressing Tops
A brilliant idea when you need to express and keep your hands free!

Easy Expression Halterneck and Bustier Bra Top's

Easy Expression BustierSitting nursing your breast pump can be a drag so why not plug your milk collection sets into your top and set your hands free! Most items made from a Cotton & Lycra blend for comfort & softness. An essential Hands-Free Pumping Bra.

Hands-free breast pumping saves you time because you can carry on with all those important little chores while pumping milk for your baby.

The Easy Expression bra will work with most electric breast pumps and is especially well suited to the Pump In Style twin breast pump or the Mini Electric Plus from Medela. One piece and two piece breastshields can be used without problem.

A lttle information about using...

Put your Bustier or Halterneck on, insert your milk collection set(s) into the holes provided, adjust for comfort making sure your nipples and collection sets are correctly oriented to prevent any discomfort. The material is very accommodating and easily accepts your Medela breastshields without excessive stretching. When you have finished your session, just gently remove your milk collection equipment; if you do not require to express again for some time, you may of course remove the Easy Expression ready for your next expressing session.

Product Features:

  • Easy to slip on, wear and use
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Simple one piece design
  • Bra works with most breast pumps
  • Very practical - hand free whilst expressing
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Posh Mums says...

These special Bra Tops may at first look a little odd! However, for mums who need to regularly express, this is a real asset and such a help when you need to have your hands free to attend to something else. Not having to sit holding on to your milk collection set(s) in order to collect your milk is very liberating, you may wonder why you did not consider such an item long ago. One mother said that she feels so relaxed when using the Easy Expression Bra now that her hands don't get tired and her back is able rest properly into her favourite chair whilst she is expressing. We say, be careful you don't nod off or allow your bottles to drop from their ideal angle otherwise milk may enter into your pump!

What we like about these products...

It just takes a moment to put on and can be left on as it is not uncomfortable. The soft and stretchy material fits snugly to the body without putting undue pressure on sensitive breasts. It allows your breastshields / milk collection sets to be quickly inserted into the holes and once they are in place it is a simple matter of connecting your bottle set and you are ready! Just need to take a moment to make sure your nipple(s) are correctly aligned so that they point into the breastshield / funnel without being pulled over. A brilliant item. 10/10
We were asked recently how the large size funnel portion of a standard Medela breastshield can be inserted through what appears to be such a small hole... We are happy to report that the Easy Expression top has been designed exactly with this in mind and yes, the material easily allows for this without over stretching or risk of damage.

Easy expression means you can still play with me!

Use a special halterneck breast pump bra and keep your hands free to look after me!

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