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Breastfeeding Baby Support Pillows
My Breast Friend making life a little easier for Mum!

My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Support Pillows

My brest friend Our favourite breastfeeding support cushion - 'My Brest Friend', tried and tested by over a million American women! My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow is the one everyone is talking about.

An essential item to help maintain comfortable breastfeeding for Mum and contentment for baby

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This breastfeeding support pillow is recommended by Lactation Consultants and Osteopaths because it helps support the lower back maintaining good posture whilst breastfeeding, the pillow also offers proper working height and acts as an elbow rest while you support baby.

Lynda Leach, midwife and lactation consultant at the St John & St Elizabeth Hospital in London says: "As a practising midwife and lactation consultant, I would fully recommend the use of the My Brest Friend to help with correct positioning of baby at the breast".

My Brest Friend Features:

  • Comfortable in use
  • Support for the back
  • Endorsed by professionals
  • Lightweight
  • Quality adjustable side fastening
  • Handy side pocket for those important items
  • Cotton cover is removable for washing
  • Supplied with removable 'wipe down' plastic cover
  • Choose Pink or Blue stripes pattern
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My Breast Friend Breastfeeding Support Cushion
My Brest Friend Practical Parenting Award
Mother & Baby Best Breastfeeding Product Award
Posh Mums says...
Some things work in a really practical way and are most welcome; 'My Brest Friend' is one of these items. We love the way this cushion supports baby at a proper and sensible working height and that it fits to Mum comfortably as well as the ability to be kept clean and hygienic.

My brest friend feeding support pillow is fab!

My Breast Friend breastfeeding support pillow makes mine and Mum's life easier!

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