Nursing and breastfeeding necklace very colourful with jingle boobs bells and beads
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Nursing Necklaces

Posh Mum's presents an amazing selection of high quality certified safe Nursing Necklaces just right to entertain your baby when at the breast.

baby enjoying the two things he loves most!Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful bonding experience for Mum and Baby as we all know. However, some babies will use their hands to explore you whilst they are breastfeeding! This can lead to hair pulling or pinching and scratching - ouch! Now your baby can take great delight in exploring your Nursing Necklace instead.

  • Delight your baby with the wonderful bright colours, shapes and sounds (with pretty little painted bells).
  • Breast beads or Nursing necklaces can help hand to eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
  • All beads are strung using a strong Kevlar cord.
  • Beads are made from Non-Toxic Acrylic
  • Fully safety tested to EU standards
  • Nursing Necklaces are designed for mum to wear whilst breastfeeding

Nursing Necklaces are longer than regular sdress' necklaces as they are designed to provide fun and stimulation for baby by providing colour, interesting shapes and even sound right where it's needed!

Important Note:

Breastfeeding / Nursing necklaces are designed to be worn by the mother to entertain baby whilst breastfeeding and should not be given to a baby or small child under 36 months as a play item, especially unsupervised.

Posh Mum's says...

It's amazing how such a simple thing as wearing a purpose made breastfeeding necklace can improve both Mothers and Babies breastfeeding experience. Often making for a calm and enjoyable session where once frustration prevailed. Baby will be occupied whilst Mum is mostly left in peace - just what the doctor ordered!

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